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Il borgo di Scanno

Among the most ancient and beautiful hamlets in the Abruzzo Apennines, Scanno is located on the upper area of Sagittario Valley, on the border with the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise and not far from the ones of Majella and Velino Sirente and from the WWF Nature Reserve of Sagittario canyon.
Important  summer and winter vacation resort, it offers to visitors recreational equipment, natural and artistic beauties, folklore and fine handicraft.
Having a walk through the ancient streets of the old town centre – an evocative and never-ending succession of glimpses, staircases, arches, churches and noble buildings -, you will meet old women still wearing their traditional costume and time will suddenly  seem to stand still, leading you back to the past.
This will be the reason why Scanno soon became a very appreciated site and the favourite destination of several Italian and foreign authors and is now known as “the City of Photographers”.
Throughout the whole 20th century, its unmistakable glimpses and its people were immortalized in the pictures of Hilde Lotz-Bauer, Henry Cartier-Bresson, Mario Giacomelli, Gianni Berengo Gardin and Ferdinando Scianna, just to mention some of them.

What to do in Scanno

Scanno is a quiet mountain town: do not expect an unbridled mundanity! If you chose to come here, it wil be for its fresh air, the walks in the woods, the lake, the calmness and the serenity that these places instill.

We recommend you having a walk in the ancient area of the village, with its Baroque portals and its copious Churches (S. Maria della Valle, S. Antonio, S. Eustachio – recently restored -, S. Maria delle Grazie), visiting the Wool Museum and spending some hours on the lake shores.

For more information and guided tours, contact: IAT: Tel. 0039 0864/74317 Carlotta Negro’s MMC Agency: Tel. 0039 0864/747952       

Our favourite “places”:
A coffee in one of the coffee shops in the main town square;
The happy hour at Orazio’s “alla Fonte” in Fontana Sarracco or at “La Volpe e L’Uva” in San Rocco Square;
An after-dinner cocktail at Arni’s (bar Abruzzi in Santa Maria della Valle Square), where everybody meets in the evening;
“Pan dell’Orso” pastry shop at all day times…

There are numerous restaurants, all offering traditional or revisited dishes, with a good quality/price ratio. The closest ones to the Palace are “La Porta” in Ciorla Street, “Il Vecchio Mulino” in Silla Street and “Il Caminetto” in Napoli Street. The place – how to say it? – doesn’t make it justice, but Stefano’s pizza at “Angelone’s” (who was his father) is the best ever: go there early, otherwise who will have to queue for a long time and run the risk of skipping your dinner…

You will be happy to know that there are extremely high-level handicraft workshops.

If you like jewellery, entering the shops of the goldsmiths Francesco RotoloCesare Mancini, Eugenio di Rienzo and Luigi Fronterotta you will have the chance to see real masters working behind their wood workbenches and creating – today like two centuries ago – ancient traditional jewellery and exclusive design new models.

If you love embroidery, you can’t but visit Federica Silvani’s workshop “I gioielli del tombolo”, where you will find or can commission custom-made applications for tableclothes and bed sheets, doilies, crochets and silver jewellery created with the lace pillow technique.

If you like handcrafted pottery, then you will fall in love with Master Rossicone’s works: his atelier and kiln hosted the creations of the most famous Italian and international pottery masters.

Do not forget nature…

The mountains sorrounding the town offer enchanting hiking paths: the excursion guide Pietro Caforio will be happy to lead you to discover the uncontaminated nature along stunning valleys and ridges and – with a bit of luck – you will happen to see the animals populating the park in their natural environment.
For more information, contact: IAT: Tel. 0039 0864/74317

If you prefer being carried…then you will choose Ranch’s horses in Le Prata, a site at few kilometres from Scanno, on the road towards Passo Godi and Villetta Barrea.

A chairlift excursion on Mount Collerotondo is also worthwhile. The facility is open both in the winter – when you can ski on the ski slopes that from Collerotondo and its 1900 metres descend into the town -, and in the summer, when, by chairlift, you can reach the fauna area of the deer and a high altitude small lake. It can also be the departure point for the copious excursion itineraries available.

and to make sure not to lack for anything…really anything

it is worth mentioning and tasting:

  • The cured meats of L’Olmo’s butcher shop, in Largo dell’Olmo: Maria will give you advice!
  • Isidoro’s sheep ricotta cheese: you will need to make a reservation for it in advance. Ask us and we will be happy to give you a hand!
  • The cheeses of Gregorio Rotolo’s company’s outlet, in Fontana Sarracco;
  • The caciocavallo cheese and beans of San Liborio Company, an outlet in Roma Street;
  • The wine donuts and mostaccioli of Ilario’s artisanal cookie shop, in Silla Street.

If you are curious and wish to have more information: